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Music Production

  • 1 hour
  • Location 1

Service Description

Greg and his brother Vince Hunter started Game-Hunter Productions together and where all the magic happens and creatively where all the ideas developed musically come to life. Greg’s a professional musician that plays several instruments including drums, keyboards, guitar and bass guitar. He has knack for choosing the right choice of sounds for the types of genre of music he regularly writes, performs, arranges and produces. On most songs 80-100% all music has been performed by Greg. Imagine working through the entire creative process, everything from picking up a guitar and/or playing keyboard and working on new songs, melody, chord structure, changes, bridges, verses, hook lines (chorus), lyrics ect. It’s where it all happens songwriting/co-writing, music arrangements, vocal arrangements. Quite often while writing, I may have an idea for a hook or verse and then call on other talented co-writers/team to contribute and collaborate with to complete a song. Sometimes it may be the actual artist/vocalist I’m working with and/or co-writer (lyricist) involved in the project.

Contact Details

  • (301) 254-9436

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